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How to Create or Build a Membership Website From Scratch

Thanks for visiting! You must be here because you're looking for information on how to create or build a membership website. Or perhaps, maybe you already have a standard website or blog and want to monetize that into a membership website?

Excited to start a membership site

There are two paths to creating a membership website. The first, is the Journey Path and that's for beginners who want to take it slow and learn how to get a membership website started without too much investment. It's for someone who has the time to learn it on their own, make mistakes, and learn from it.

The second method for creating a membership website is the Mentorship Path. This path for someone who is serious about creating and online presence with their website and generating a passive income. There is an initial investment, but time and mistakes are reduced to the lowest factor as you'll be mentored by someone with over 20 years experience building memberships sites.

Let's cut to the chase and get started with the Journey Path to creating a membership site shall we?

penguin starting membership site journey pathThe Membership Website - Journey Path

Pros - low startup
Cons - trial and error, longer to implement, slow results

Well, in order to build a membership website from scratch and be successful at it, you will need to understand both the business and technical aspects of it. Then, once you have your membership website up and running, you will need to start driving traffic to it? How are you going to do that? If you don't know, please read along and I hope this article can be of much value for you.

Let's start off by just breaking down the components of a membership website apart and diving deeper into each part of it. The easiest way for you to learn is for me to logically start from the ground up and construct one for you - from concept all the way to implementation. So, we will start work along the lines of the guide below:

Here's the Journey Path topics we'll go over to create your membership website:

  1. Concept - get your ideas down
  2. Content - research and organize 
  3. Create - develop the website

1. Concept

This is the genesis of your membership website. You have an idea and want to run with it, but how do you start? First thing is brainstorming of course. Write down all your ideas and concepts. No idea is a stupid one.

Google Trends Chart
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After you've written down all your ideas, you want to test the market with it. And you can do this by performing research to see if there's a real need for your idea or products. One way to validate if the market cares is to perform research through Google search and Google trends to gauge whether there's any demand out there.

Another way is by directly asking your audience in person, forums, or even Facebook groups.Try to get conclusive feedback that there's really a need - don't just assume it's a great idea so people must want it! Hint: Don't ask people you know because they will not be completely honest with you in order to not hurt your feelings.

woman with idea for membership site

Once you've proven a concept, it is time to choose a domain name for your website. From my experience, I do not recommend choosing a domain with more than two or three words - the shorter, the better. Obviously, try to get a dot com domain if possible. But those can be harder to come by nowadays, so you may need to be a bit more creative. If you run out of ideas, what you can do is go to a website like and just type in a seed word for your domain idea. Then, it will make suggestions of what's currently available to purchase - this is valuable time saver.

2. Content

Now that you've chosen an idea, it's time to start working on your content and format of your membership website. You have options, depending upon what type of content format you intend to offer. You can go with text-based (reports, articles, ebooks, etc.) or video-based (Vimeo, Youtube, etc.) content. This all depends upon your product offering. For example, if you will be supplying members with the latest and greatest research to come out of medical breakthroughs, then text is most likely more suited there through reports. However, if you product offering is how to prepare a unique dinner for the family, then video is better option to demonstrate that.

woman thinking about membership site content

OK, so now that we have a format selected, where are we going to get the actual content for your members? You should look in the mirror first on this one. If you're a world-class chef or research scientist, then the choice is obvious as you're a superstar in the field. However, for most entrepreneurs, they just know enough about the subject to hold a conversation. Therefore, when it comes to in-depth material that members are paying for, they may be lacking a bit there. As it requires extensive time to gain that deeper level of skill and understanding.

So what do you do? Time for more research. To find out what content is in demand, you'll need the assistance of research tools. And ones that are quite popular is Reddit, Quora, or  Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo is a terrific tool for researching what contents are pulsating out there on the internet. You can query and filter quickly to provide the results you're looking for (see screenshot below).

Buzzsumo Report
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Now, does this mean that you need to produce the content for your membership site yourself. No, heck no. An alternative is to outsource it. And there are many places to find writers who are willing to produce the content for you. All you need to do is give them directions on what to write about. And since you've just done your homework on what's hot out there, this should be a slam dunk. With that said, there are many popular websites to outsource, such as,, and to name a few. All those freelance type of websites are credible and easy to use. You can also find talent through reviews and requesting past sample work.

3. Development

Connecting Membership Site On The InternetAlright, you have chosen your niche and have decided on what and how to produce content for your membership site. It is time to get techie! Yes, you knew it was coming sooner or later right? Time to construct your membership website. First thing you need to do is find a website hosting company for the domain you have chosen in the road map section above. I'll be frank here, it doesn't really matter who you go with, just pick one. All of them pretty much do and offer the same product. Just make sure you go with a branded name hosting company such as GoDaddy, Hostgator, Namecheap, Bluehost, Siteground, 1&1, etc. When signing up, you will be looking to buy your website hosting, domain name, and SSL certificate. Hint: If you choose to host on the WordPress platform, you can get email for free from the Cpanel.

Upwork Screenchot
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Once you have chosen the website hosting company for your membership site, the next step is platform. This decision will depend upon how tech savvy you are as well as the budget you're working with. If you have the tech skills, you can create a membership site for very little out of pocket cost with the WordPress platform and a membership plugin such as Ultimate Member, WP Members Membership Plugin, or Paid Memberships Pro. Of course, you can also contract this work out to someone on Fiverr or Upwork to build it for you as well for not too much money. Afterwards, this solution is practically free or very little cost for only hosting.

Here's our step-by-step YouTube video of how to create a membership site with Paid Membership Pro. It's less than an hour long and contains everything technical you need to be aware of. All for free and will cost you nothing to start.

For a bit for more money, and we're talking monthly subscription, You can also go with a canned all-in-one type of membership software solution that's membership ready. Meaning you don't need to piece everything together. All you have to do here is brand the site as well as input your content. Just Google "membership platform" and there's a bunch of these solutions as well.

Congratulations! You now are on your way to building your membership website!

Penguins Following Membership Site Mentor PathThe Membership Website - Mentorship Route

Pros - mentor guidance, fast results, tested proven methods
Cons - higher initial investment

With the Journey Path above to creating a membership site, you have all the instructions you need to go out on your own and create a membership website. But what if I told you there was a better way to go about creating a membership website? A better way to approach this would be to have someone who's been there and done that sit side-by-side, next to you and just show you how to do it step-by-step in the form of a video. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Do it right, the first time.

Chris Luck

I would like to introduce you to Chris Luck. When it comes to membership sites, Chris is the ultimate authority in that space as Chris has been building membership sites for well over 20 years. In fact, since 2007, Chris has been generating 11K per day through his membership websites.

Chris is not one of them gurus that just sells information and theory. He actually rolled-up his sleeves and went through the trenches, and made critical mistakes with membership sites - over and over. He, then learned and fine tuned it to a repeatable process that just generates passive income on a monthly basis. Through his membership sites, Chris Luck has grossed over 25 million to this day. And since we're talking digital products, the overhead is super low and margin is super high.

If this intrigues you, then read on to learn more about the Mentorship Path. The over-the-shoulder program that is done in an ALL-VIDEO format.

Introducing Membership Method by Chris Luck

Membership Method Product

Chris' membership website program, Membership Method, includes more than just the course below, it's an evergreen community to support entrepreneurs and foster success. 

Here's a YouTube video of a Chris Luck review on his Membership Method:

How To Build or Create a Membership Website

This is a proven road map to start a membership site from scratch with little or no experience necessary.

  1. Roadmap - psychology fundamentals, brainstorming, market validation, idea selection, and business domain naming
  2. Content - proven strategies, data analysis, research tools, gold mining for data, content creation, and outsourcing
  3. Development - website success examples, platform matters, membership cloning, graphic design, content deployment, and automated pipelines
  4. Free Marketing - methodologies, blog baiting, mention monitoring, question suggestion, community infiltration, and video spying
  5. Paid Marketing - strategic placement, keyword domination, video hijacking, ethical stalking, direct response, and build an ambassador army
  6. Automation - complete checklist, operating procedures, automation software, marketplaces, and hiring rockstars

1. Roadmap

In this first Roadmap module, Chris will provide you with the solid fundamentals and numbers to back why memberships sites are the best way to generate passive income. He will explain how, if done correctly, these membership sites will enable you to scale with ease. We're talking about leveraging the one to many model with compounding factors in a steady flow of incoming members.

This will not be another online baby you have to constantly babysit. Thus freeing up your time to spend with friends and family.

Learn from his experience as Chris shows you how to gauge and understand what markets to get into. As well as how to position, and how to get the hard number facts that justifies entering these markets. Don't bother wasting time and money on hunches. Get the cold-hard facts to base your business on that, not luck.

Chris will also show you why your domain name matters. As well as what type to buy, and ignore the rest.


2. Content

The next module is about Content. Here, Chris will explain to you how much you should charge for membership, what will the market tolerate, and how much content produce to get started right away.

Next, Chris will give you the tools and worksheets. Then show you how to mind for the best trending topics in your niche. As well as insights on what topics are performing well and why you should model off of that.

To finish off this module, if you need to outsource content, Chris will show you how he's done it for 20 years. For example, what freelance websites, how to filter talent, and strategies on how to negotiate for win-win solutions.


3. Development

In the third module entitled Development, it's time to start building your membership website. Chris will show you exactly real-world examples of what membership site formats are converting in the market today. Then he'll show you live step-by-step details of how  he build his current membership site. The one  that is bringing in more than 200K/month. Chris doesn't stop there, instead of you building, he'll just provide for you the template of his successful membership site. He will also include for you his sales funnels that are converting at a high ratio.


4. Free Marketing

After your membership website has been created, it's only the beginning. How are you going to drive traffic to it? And what about doing it for free as well? Over the years, Chris has perfected five free methods of marketing that is guaranteed to drive traffic to your membership site. Not only will he tell you how it's done, but let's you stand over his should and do it for you. Chris has been able to get sales of over 100K/month just through these five free marketing strategies.


5. Paid Marketing

Once you have a steady stream of member coming in, this is where module five comes in - Paid Advertising. It's for those who want to scale their membership site up to a new dimension. With free marketing strategies, they work, but requires more effort on your part. However, with paid marketing strategies, Chris will show you how to dial it in perfectly. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch the members sign up through these five paid marketing strategies.


6. Automation

The holy grail of any business is Automation - the last module frontier. After you follow Chris' guidance to properly design and market your membership site, it may be only be a matter of time before you realize that membership sites are the easiest systems to fully automate. And who better then Chris Luck to show you how he does it the past 20 years? Automate it, and move on to the next project!


Extra bonuses

Chris also goes above and beyond to include advance strategy bonuses for free. He doesn't hold or "lock" any advance features and find a way to charge you for it. It's all here and you get free updates for life!


A Mastermind Community of membership site entrepreneurs. Sure, there will be times where you may need some advice or guidance from like-minded people. This is where the community is so valuable, as they all can relate and speak your language. On top of that, it's actually Chris that chimes in on most of the question as well. He just doesn't set up the community and abandon it.

Membership Method Mastermind

You will also gain access to a monthly webinar call with Chris himself. This is where Chris keeps you up-to-date about what's happening with his program and how he sees membership websites evolving to. Also, during this call, you may ask him questions about anything you need clarity with.

Chris' top priority is to make sure you have a good experience with his program because if you do, he knows you'll go out and say awesome things about his Membership Method program. And should someone sign on because of your word-of-mouth, he's willing to split a commission in the amount of $750 with you just for the referral.

Support, of course should you have any questions about anything else, there's also support via email as well.

Money Back Gurantee

All of that for a one-time investment of only $1497 . And yes, Chris will offer you a 12-month, you succeed or your money back success guarantee. No Questions ask.

For more information about Chris Luck's Membership Method or if you want to become a member, just click on the button below. It will be the best decision you've ever made.

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